Preventive Maintenance Contracts

A variety of factors are taken in consideration when we propose a service contract for your pool. Factors like swim load, landscape and foliage around pool, size of pool and quantity of associated facilities. These will affect the manhours required, amount of right type of pool chemicals used, as well as management support demand. We would only want your pool to be loved and to be safe to use.
After all, who would want a cloudy pool, a pool with slimy base or walls, or a green pool? – would you?

Swimming Pool Jump Start

Have you just taken over a green pool which requires a major overhaul? For quickest turnaround time, a draining of pool and thorough cleaning of its walls and base would be most efficient. Pool system and equipment will be checked and filters will be flushed before reinstatement and returning the pool to you in a pristine condition.

Pump Repairs And Replacements

Is your pump leaking, making a loud howling sound or you would simply like to replace it? You can rest assure that this is something that we can undertake and we are able to offer a replacement at very competitive rates.

Filter Repairs & Replacement

Filters needing a replacement or upgrade? Filters are not made equal, different filters have different filtration efficiency. The good news is, they can be upgraded to a better technology filter however flow rates and calculation must be matched and sized properly so you get the best out of your new filter.

Steambath Sauna Spa Heating

Poolparty has a wide range of product offerings and these extends to heating equipment for your steam baths, saunas and spas. Not forgetting we are even keeping stock on heat pumps!
Do feel free to enquire with us on your needs and we will advise you professionally.

Structure & Pipeline Equipment

Does your tiled pool require a fresh re-grouting? Are you looking to restart a pool that has been dried and not used for the last 10 years?
Everything can be done however a proper course of action and underlying tests must be performed. This is especially critical why you need to engage a professional and responsible vendor who will be transparent and precise with your asset.