Your Subscription Plan

Please review your subscription plan and benefits


12 Months Plan

Semi Comprehensive

Subject To GST

Includes once a week servicing visit

Only applies to pools with surface area not exceeding 80 Square Meters

Plan Benefits

✔ Pump x 1 & Filter x 1 included

✔ Cleaning accessories included

✔ Enjoy more than 40 years of Swimming Pool Water Chemistry knowledge

– no more costly repair or replacement bills!

Why this is good for you

Improper care and handling of your pool equipment results in premature wear and tear of them. Bad water chemistry will also shorten their lifespan prematurely. These all result in you having to fork out large sums of money to repair/replace your equipment frequently.
We designed this plan with a fair contract sum so you can rest easy knowing that you only need this amount monthly and your pool will function with minimal down time


We will advise on this accordingly on our 1st site visit for contract confirmation. There will be however some installations which is not physically possible to replace with other brands, in these instances however the plan cannot proceed.
We understand that everyone has differing views on pool cleanliness, we will however perform our once a week servicing to our utmost ability and dedication. Should there be further need for another service visit, please speak to us and we will tailor custom a separate plan for you.
We understand the scepticism, however this offering has arisen from years of Poolparty’s structured growth, building a capable local team, and desire to break out of the low professionalism and opinion mindset consumers have of our trade. We burn with inner desire to raise the Professionalism levels of our industry by being a Trail Blazer!
Please check our google reviews directly from our existing clients, the truth speaks for itself.